Kask Bambino Pro Evo for Triathlon


I am interested in testing Kask Bambino Pro Evo helmet for my next Triathlon race and I was wondering if someone had used this before and might wanna share some info on it. Maybe a comparison between Mitral, Beluga and this? Obviously, the fit is individual and on some might be faster/slower that the others.

Plus, I don’t seem to find this anywhere in Canada/US shops and the Kask website restrict access to the webpage saying it’s a geographical restrictions. Any ideas on how to buy one of these?


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I’m a TTer but I have a Bambino Pro Evo and a Mistral. The mistral is my preferred lid but a bit I had to use the Bambino. Internal fit wise they are both similar the Mistral feels faster but I haven’t really anything to back that up. One bug bear with the Bambino its original visor steamed up often (it didn’t do it brand new but it quickly degraded) so at the slightest sign of moisture I’d go visor-less and wear my Oakleys. The good news for me magnet wise the Bambino visor is the same as the mistral and for a particularly blustery TT I swapped them over.

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Smear a bit of Johnson & JOhnson Baby Shampoo on it on race morning. Let it sit for a minute and then wipe off with a clean, soft cloth. Will never fog again.

You can also try RainX wipes.


They must have pre treated the Mistral with something like that it’s never degraded or misted up touch wood :+1:

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