Helmet help please

No pun intended.

Can anyone suggest a good helmet for road riding (I’m in the UK FWIW).

Budget is around £100 as I usually look on wiggle and see what’s on sale.

I am usually an L (about 61cm). As mentioned, road riding, then also used for racing & training. I have another helmet I already use for commuting so I’d like something a bit more stylish & aero as well as obviously safe.

Met Manta, Kask Utopia - can be found on sale for around ~£100 (maybe just over). Both good aero road helmets

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abus GC, size down.

These Falconer helmets from Norwegian brand Sweet Protection are some of the best looking helmets on the marked in my opinion (don’t have one myself, I ride with an Oakley helmet currently). Sweet Protection are having a sale on their site now, so this just might fit your budget? Price is way down from the 199 shown!

(Deleted because I can’t find the source now). But not all mips helmets do better at protection from rotational forces than those without mips or angi.

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The MET Manta and Rivale are both great helmets. If you’re riding at dawn or dusk there are also LEDs available from MET for each of these models.

I’ll report back in a few weeks when I’ve had a chance to use it, but I just ordered Sweet Protection Falconer II Aero. It was on sale with an extra 20% discount, came to $150CAD, couldn’t beat the price.

Sweet Protection Falconer II Aero MIPS CPSC Helmet - Unisex | The Last Hunt for any Canucks needing a new lid … they run a 20% promo often!

Edit - they now have a buy one, get one 50% off. Time to stock up :joy: Can get some really reasonable prices on there, but make sure it fits as they offer no returns.

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I opted for an Ekoi. So far so good! Thanks though :blush:

Fantastic lid, I have this and the trenta. Both super comfy. Havnt tested the helmet capability yet but as a hat, they’re great haha

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