Plan update push vs fixed schedule when adding time off

Will be away from home for a couple weeks over christmas and won’t be able to ride. The time off coincides with the end of the Base I.
I’ve added a time-off annotation in my calendar and this removes the planned workouts over this time period. It doesn’t appear to push the start of Base II, but rather skips ahead. Why wouldn’t it push the start, rather than drop me in the middle? I don’t care if the end date of the plan changes.
Plan originally set up w/ no event, time trial focus.
Thanks for any input :slight_smile:


I have similar questions. I need to add time away from the trainer for about a week at christmas. I’ll be away and have access to a fatbike and some great snowy trails but it will be entirely unstructured during that time.
I may up my volume in that time but intensity is unlikely to be be very high. More like a recovery week which in my plan occurs in the week after. If I enter Time Off into my plan I presume I’ll get what the OP decribes. Does adaptive training not re-calculate based on this? Must these adjustments be made manually?

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