Plan suggestion for improving in competitive dancing

Hi everyone, I just subscribed to Trainerroad and I’m about to take my FTP ramp test in a few minutes :slight_smile:

I used to be an amateur outdoor cyclist (my rides were usually about 100km, hilly), but stopped a few years ago to start… competitive boogie woogie dancing :smiley:

As I won’t be able to properly train or compete for the next months, I want to use Trainer Road and my bycicle to work on my fitness level, and I’d like to know which plan you’d recommend me.

Boogie woogie competitions usually have 4 rounds separated from each other by a 20\30mins interval.
Each round consists of 90 seconds of max effort (my heart rate often shows around 190bpm in the end).
To be really specific, in these 90 seconds there are usually 11-12 seconds of max effort followed by 3-4 seconds of lighter effort, repeated 6 times.

I’m not an expert of training, but I guess I need to work on my anaerobic and spriting capabilities… maybe also on lactate tolerance, because I always end up with heavy legs towards the end of a competition.
I think I should try to shift the treshold at which my legs start accumulating lactic acid, because that makes me waaaay less agile, which is the worst thing in a dancing competition (especially a boogie woogie one, where the quadriceps do a huge amount of work to keep the legs moving fast).
Agility is very important, so high cadence work is preferred.

I picked up the Criterium training plan, medium intensity. What do you think?



Sounds like sweet spot base -> short power build is gonna work out well for you. Probably also want to add in some strength work, core and legs, and you’ll be flying!

So I had to go to YouTube to see what Boogie Woogie Dancing was.

I’m impressed.

I wish I was that light on my feet.

@pcort Yeah that’s exactly what I was thinking, in fact the Criterium training plan starts with Sweet Spot base and goes on to Short Power Build before the specialty part. Let’s fly!

@MHamblen Ahaha right, I should have included a YT video in the original post, most people don’t imagine how hard it can be :smiley:

oh come on. The perfect pun right in your lap and you airmailed it :stuck_out_tongue:


You could also look at skipping the specialty if you wanted to just have another go at base and build, depends if you have any cycling related goals, or just want to go through the whole plan for the heck of it.