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I was just here searching how to recalculate based on a change in priority of events because I got a Leadville entry yesterday.

We are working on the ability to re-calculate your plan according to a change in priority “A” races, however, this feature is not availiable at the moment.

For now, the best way to handle the situation is to delete your Plan Builder plan and recreate it. This sounds intimidating, but it can actually be done quickly and easily. All of your events that you have previously added will be retained, so all you will need to do is:

  1. Make note of the day you started the plan orginally, and select that as the start date for the recreated Plan Builder plan.
  2. Select all the same options as you did last time you set up the Plan Builder
  3. Add Leadville as an A race, and make any adjustments to the other races in your plan
  4. When you apply this plan, it will then apply all the training from today forward according to what will prepare you best for your new priority events.

Let me know if you have any questions :+1:

Just an idea for future iterations, it would be good if you could adjust the number of hours you want per block/week/month/Coach Chad’s choice.
I currently have no races so just added plans in the old style but come May when outside riding before and after shifts really kicks in I’ll not want to train so much (I know this isn’t the best method of improving but outside is nice) so have to adjust to a couple hours hard sessions.

So in my example I could start the plan builder now without a race date with the appropriate volume but come warmer longer days TrainerRoad can build a suitable plan for me getting base endurance outside.

Just a quick question about the Plan Builder. I have a vacation coming up and was wonder what the best way was to push the plan by the 2 weeks? I tried just pushing but it told me that my events wouldn’t match anymore.


@Geoff Looks great for me. Thanks for following up!

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In the case of a training interruption due to sickness, injury, or vacation, our current recommended course of action is to keep your plan intact and leave your skipped weeks as “skipped” in your Calendar.

Then, on the week when you are jumping back into the plan, select the -1 versions of each workout to allow you to more comfortably ramp back into training. “-” versions of a workout typically decrease the duration and the number of intervals prescribed in the workout, which lowers your weekly TSS as you’re getting back into the swing of things. You can learn more about alternate workout versions here.

If a workout does not have an alternate workout version, or if the “-” version is still slightly too difficult, we recommend decreasing the intensity to between 90-95% so that the workouts feel tough but manageable.

I know this is not an ideal solution, but we are working to program more complex logic into Plan Builder so that eventually we can to handle all this for you. In the meantime, this is our recommended course of action for keeping you on track for your events.


You can already adjust the plans individually. For example, you could apply plan builder for the next year at mid volume, but then in the calendar adjust the plans over the summer to low volume. Does that help?

This, along with the ability to dynamically update your plan to allow for switching between volumes, is pretty important (based on chatter on the podcast and in the forums, sorry no time to scrape the forum and do an NLP analysis).

You can’t do that and keep your events, or even do that without replacing your entire plan, right?

Yes, actually you can adjust individual phases without affecting events or changing the entire plan. First, you need to apply the plan to your calendar. Then click on the banner in the calendar at the start of a phase, e.g, “Base 2,” “Build,” etc. A popup window appears that will let you change the volume for that phase, and even change the phase. For example, you can change Sustained Power to Gen or Short Power build.

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So you can, thanks!

This article will walk you though how to change your Plan Volume :slight_smile:

great! but i need a 4-days-a-week schedule… how do i do that?

Hey Bryce, suggest adding to the article that you can not only change volume of an individual phase, but also the type (i.e., which base, build or specialty). That’s a great feature too.

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Typically, the best approach for 4x/ week is to add the Mid-Volume plan and drop the short endurance ride that is scheduled on Wednesday by default. At the moment. you’ll have to go delete these workouts manually after applying Plan Builder to your calendar, but in the future, we want to make it easier to delete workouts during Plan Builder setup.

I had previously asked the above, the response was this was by design and to avoid having two ramp tests too closely placed together…which makes total sense.

Now that I am approaching the point of finishing SSB1 and moving into build that all looks fine, but there is ZERO recovery/rest between finishing the shortened 3week build and doing a ramp test for the next program. It also makes there be a 9 week block between proper recovery weeks. Example: SSB1 recovery week, then 3 weeks of build and straight into 6 weeks of SSB2 (at hopefully a higher FTP).

MIght be something to look a little closer at.

I know the TR guys are working on something for when sickness or travel get in the way of a plan built in plan builder but what does one do for now?

Had a work trip and then got sick causing me to miss 2 straight weeks of my plan. I had just finished a recovery week and was due for another FTP test, but was sick that week so skipped the test and a couple other workouts. Just started back with an EZ ride today instead of the scheduled intervals.

My question is what to do now:

  1. Do I redo plan builder with next week as my new start date?
  2. Do I just manually push my scheduled workouts ahead a couple weeks to allow for me to get going again and start with an FTP test.
  3. Carry on with my workouts next week without doing an FTP test since I’d likely test poorly as I’m still not 100%. I’d just keep my FTP where it was prior to getting sick in this option.

Any other ideas out there?

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Check out this thread for our official recommendation :+1:.


Just getting back to looking at plan builder again as my time on TR has increased and I can start to see some events on the horizon. The blog post you shared were helpful. My question remains about how to peak for a second A event. Plan builder has me doing a full 2nd build and a 4 week specialty phase. This article suggests that one should get in a full 2nd specialty and make the build shorter.

Picking a low volume plan as I bike commute 4-5 days a week (22 miles rt). Sustained Build and Century are the Build and Specialty phases.


So at this point what changes has TR made to the plan builder? Have you resolved the vacation or sick time edit on there… I have just completed the first block and I was sick for the last and a half of the block, and I didn’t complete all the sessions. Has anyone figured out how to get around this if this hasent been resolved yet?

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