Plan Builder Overview

Apologies if this has already been asked on other topic, I searched for it but no success.

Is there anyway to see the plan builder overview? Which plans are scheduled and when?


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It is not accessible after the initial setup once you apply the plan to your calendar.

Access to the Overview from the calendar has been mentioned and requested.


Thank you

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This is not an overview, but it may help (a bit). It did for me, when I was playing with it. The Overall plan start, and each block start is noted in the calendar. You can add/delete like you would a normal block, but you can’t (I don’t think) edit the plan after.

It does help with knowing which plans (I call block, as there’s an overall plan start heading too) and when they start. It’s not in compact form though, and you have to scroll through the calendar to look for it, as well as being easy to miss.

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Yes, I too would love to get a quick overview; just like the one during the plan creation:

It is great to be able to see the full plan from above.

I would like to suggest or request another simple bit. It would be very helpful if the workouts once loaded into your calendar via Plan Builder were placed with a colored highlight or a label that indicates they are part of the plan.
I add workouts and slide them into gaps on the calendar, but when I look through the calendar, there is no way for me to tell what I added and what was part of the plan. Let me know if this is already possible?

Just wanted to add my support for this request. It would be great to see the plan build overview as it will help keep track of where you are in a plan and where you are going.

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