Can I see my training plan 'overview' page?

Hello, I just joined trainerroad and I used the plan builder to build me a training plan for a few events I have this spring/summer. At the very end of process it showed me an overview of the plan with the different phases, and broke down the whole thing. It was pretty cool to see how it structured the phases around the events.

Is there a way I can see that again?

Yes, on the menu select career. Once there, you’ll find the training plan overview on the top

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I must be blind! I don’t see it. I just see ‘getting started’ tasks. Do I need to finish those first? I just haven’t completed my ramp test (doing that tonight).

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I’m several weeks into a plan (though manually configured, not through Plan Builder) and I don’t see anything like that on my Career page? (Unless it’s a responsive design screen size thing - I use the website on iPad)

Go to website (not the app). Once there, go to the menu and you will find this:

Then when you open the career page it will be there on the top

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I can see it on my Ipad as well… So if its not there probably has something to do with being manually configured… Not sure about this though

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AFAIK, you won’t have anything like this with the old, manual plans.

I think that only shows for the PB versions.

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Yeah, guessing it’s just produced from Plan Builder…which makes sense, as I can get the high level overview of my ‘off the shelf’ plan from Log In to TrainerRoad


If you want to see your plan overview, go to Calendar and find the date your plan started - there should be a box with the name of your plan. Click on that and you’ll see your plan overview, you can expand each block as well.

Thank you for this, I’ve been extremely frustrated not seeing this since I started my plan - for some reason my career page doesn’t give me the option to see the whole plan overview. However, I can find the small box in the calendar! I’m going to contact support as this is a complicated way to review my plan overview.


My career page looks like yours foldingbike.

We’ve noted Plan Overview page accessibility as a potential area of improvement, and would like to work this into the roadmap once higher priority fixes and releases are wrapped up and some space is made for improvements like this. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

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