Plan Builder Flaw HV: Base -> Build -> Base -> Specialty👎

Mine today has .76 for endurance:

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Apologies if I wasn’t clear.

When I first saw plan builder, I also thought that base before specialty was odd but trusted the program and went with it.
Considering that I have just entered specialty I still have to make up my mind around this.

My point there was that many complaints (incl. youtube videos) were raised around sweet spot whilst I find that, for as far as HV plans go, vo2 is another critical point during both build and specialty. Perhaps with adaptive training this can be fixed but thus far if you do HV plans you also get the toughest v02 workouts.

Also consider that in HV when you switch from base to build you get the same sort of shock, i.e. you move from workouts only below threshold to the toughest vo2 workouts. Maybe this is why I already knew what I was in for when going from base to specialty.

Finally, endurance rides (i.e. Pettit, Bays etc) on the trainer are not really helpful in terms of recovery I find, but again to each his own.

I get that, but that’s not what I’m referring to. Even though they are both VO2, the progression is not there. The “shock” in Build is significantly lower than in XCO specialty. Build is specifically meant to start lifting the intensity. Specialty is honing it.

You’ll have longer duration VO2 and lower power targets in Build. You’ll get some surges, and that’s all fine. XCO Specialty is all about the repeated attacks, attack and recover and attack again. I don’t know of any coach that will go from sweet spot straight into 3x20 HIIT. It’ll be a progression, just like build->specialty. The lull back to base just seems wrong for that progression. Build->Base->Specialty, I think will work fine for something like Century or any of the Road Race types. XCO MTB is all about Z5 and Z6 and Z1/2, repeated. Gendarme +9/10/11 is one of the hardest you can do, short of true Tabatas with 10s rest.

HV broke me


SSBHV1 into SusPBMV + inflated vanity ftp broke me. It was awful, I will never make those mistakes again. I was a shell of my normal self but I can’t say I wasn’t adequately warned :rofl:

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I got this on MV when I checked multiple years in interval training. It worked pretty well :slightly_smiling_face:

Check out our latest release, this has been improved.

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Lol, I noticed! Already updated my season’s Plan Builder. Thank you for doing that for me :wink:

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I think you would be hard pressed to find ANYONE who has their training exactly figured out. I bet NO ONE does. And if they do, they just think they do (or are lying).

Don’t try and hunt for perfect, hunt for progress. The former is an exercise in futility. I have been doing 500-1000 TSS weeks for years now, race at a pretty high level, and worked with a coach, I NEVER had it figured out and still don’t. I am just trying to progress into being a better rider a day at a time. If I see something wrong with the plan, I change it.

Also, don’t rely on ANYTHING or ANYONE to do everything for you. No algorithm can know how you feel, and can only guess at what you need. A human coach can do better, but it is still on you to make adjustments on the fly.


With the new plans did my first V02 workout in XCO Specialty HV and finally it was a win! Struggled with the VO2 in the first 2 weeks on the legacy plans, but the new workout was hard but attainable. Previous XCO plans had me failing a 5.4 and 7.2 level workouts, which was a pretty high level after abandoning V02 work for 6 weeks (Plan Builder’s idea). Just completed a 5.1 workout and it was spot on! Well done @Nate_Pearson and @Jonathan, you have at least one happy customer with the new plans!

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