Plan Builder - choosing correct event type for your A race

I have entered an ultra marathon mountain bike race. The distance is 230km with 3000m elevation.
The race is not technical, more dirt road, long endurance.

Trying to put a Plan Builder together and I am not 100% sure which event type to choose when creating your “A” Race as I assume this will determine your speciality training phase.

Please could someone advise the best event type for this type of distance.

Can you tell us more about the event and yourself?

The type of terrain may influence people’s suggestions more than just the total elevation and distance.

For example, the plans you choose may be dictated by whether the hills are long and steady or short and punchy.

Also, do you plan on being competitive or is your goal simply to finish with the group? What is your current w/kg and are you a regular user of TR or other structured training?


if you don’t want to answer all those questions, I would probably choose cross country marathon or climbing road race

I am quite experienced with trainer road. Current watts per kilo is 3.0

I plan to finish the race within a group. Not looking to go all out effort. But to ride more of a tempo race.

Not sure on the length of climbs but I would imagine some would be a few KM long. Nothing to punchy

It’s not a technical route. More of open dirt roads.

Thanks for all your help.

I’d probably go with one of the two I suggested in my previous reply.