PL points for failed work out?

I did a tough threshold workout this week. Barely got to the first set. I did finish the second and third set Bit at lower power at the end. I used resistance mode. I answered the survey that I struggled because of intensity. Still my PL increased? Is this ok? I feel I didn’t deserve it.

I noticed though that my next threshold workout in the calender is a low level achievable.

Right or wrong, that seems to be the way TR assigns PL’s. We’ve seen more extreme examples where someone falls short (time, duration & combo) and still gets the full PL at the completion. Fortunately, AT seems to downgrade the pending workouts so they are manageable afterwards, but I agree it seems counterintuitive.

I am very curious to see if the eventual release of Levels 2.0 has any impact on situations like this. It seems that is targeted at a more specific review of the actual performance in zones. The current system is more like a basic check box (Yes /No) and lacks the depth or intelligence to deal with over or under performance results.

As of now, that is working as intended, but it is not the most logical system when we get towards the edges of use cases.

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Thanks Chad, today’s proposed workout is 3 points lower, so the ai seems to do something. Even though I do not fully understand what. Let’s see what happens after this workout.

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