PL less than workout level

Today I completed Roan High +4, which is PL 10.5. My SS PL before this was 8.5. I only got 1.5 from the workout bringing my SS up to 10.0. shouldn’t it be 10.5? Is this a bug I need to report or is there some reason in AT for this?

I tried different survey responses to see if this changed anything, but it shows 10.0 regardless

PL’s are capped at 10.


Asked and Answered! :sweat_smile:
Thanks Chad!

Why the cap, though? Especially if workouts in the plans exceed 10


I’m the wrong person to handle the deeper question here.

If you are at PL 10, it is probably time to retest your FTP.

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sigh no, not necessarily

Level 10 workouts reflect a high capacity to express your current FTP in that zone, and therefore a likely increase in fitness. When we ran our workout library through the model, we did end up with some workouts that landed above level 10, and although these weren’t intentional, they remain in the workout library. In many cases, when you get to a PL of 10, it likely means your fitness has increased and may warrant reassessing your FTP. We’re planning to build a feature that will take into account PLs and prompt you to update your FTP when we detect you’re likely to see a bump. So, it’s not a bug that you’d complete a workout with a difficulty level > 10 and still have a PL of 10, and in the future, we’ll be able to communicate when it would make sense to update your FTP to continue progressing.


Just curious, are there plans to update the workout levels over time, as people complete them, you get more data, etc.? Or are they meant to be permanent?

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Ok, I get it. Thank!

I wonder if the prompting to increase FTP should, maybe, give less weight to a single high PL level than to high PL level’s across multiple categories. I say this because I am very diesel. I can probably top out Endurance and Tempo as well as SS if i would only do the workouts. But i am currently struggling to complete VO2 Max and Threshold work at the high 5 level. So at my current FTP i still have a lot of work to do to grow in those zones ( also, my FTP is manually set because i don’t test well ). I would imagine that there are a lot of others here in the same boat.

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The current workout levels are based on a boatload of data from completed workouts in our database, so they’ve been calibrated by a ton of data already. That said, one of our core values is constant improvement, and we’re open to improving pretty much anything we do here. We do track data that help us understand whether we would need to update those levels and will definitely do so if that’s what the data indicate.

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You got it!

And I agree that a PL of 10 in one zone doesn’t necessarily warrant an FTP update. The feature I mentioned will take into account more than one PL, and more than PLs alone.

Based on your comment about testing and using a manually set FTP, you might really like our upcoming FTP Estimation tool. Keep your eyes open for an announcement on the forum, so you can sign up in Early Access and check it out!

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