Pioneer R side powermeter damage

Yeah so doing some swapping of chainrings and…ripped the right side powermeter unit clean off of the crank. Has anybody else done this? What happened? Is there any chance of a repair at home? Pioneer said $200-ish if it’s fixable. It isn’t my favorite powermeter so I might just let it go if I can’t do something on the cheap. Thanks guys!

here’s what the back looks like…and where the wire seems to attach. You guys think there is only 1 wire to solder back in place? 1 wire seems…like 1 too few, doesn’t it?

It actually looked like each little wire strand went into a different microscopic hole so…I just pulled it all off and am now back to a regular crank. I guess that’s it for the occasional home mechanic!

Yeah, that was going to be my guess too: quite a few little wires there to connect, pretty hard to figure out which one goes where. Sorry, man!

Yeah, I feel like a real meat hand! But I’m all “mr single ring” now I guess so there’s that.

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