Pioneer Power Meters.. new app?

Hello TR community!

I’m seeking guidance on my Pioneer PM… the Pioneer apps for calibration & maintenance is now obsolete…

Shimano announced that there would be a replacement app, but I cannot find anything…
Does anyone know if Shimano has developed anything?

Or perhaps you have some workarounds?


Will the legacy app still not pair with the PM?

Legacy app? Is that the name?

I am unfamiliar with that, I used the Pioneer “control” and “analysis” apps

Sorry, bad terminology. I assume the Pioneer app still connects without issue, if that’s the case then make sure you don’t delete it.

Is the Pioneer in regular power meter mode so it talks to any Ant+ headunit/computer or is it in the special pioneer only mode so it needs to go through their headunit which will rebroadcast out the power data over Ant+. I think Wahoo can also connect with the pioneer in the pioneer only mode.

Can just switch off the pioneer only mode

No no, what I meant was those 2 Pioneer apps do NOT work.

It has been that way since Shimano purchased them.

So I was asking if “Legacy” is something that works?

Sorry for any confusion😅

No worries :slight_smile:

Oh that’s flipping annoying not to let the app run it’s course. I can understand them not developing it any further, but to remove it from service is a bit of a kick in the teeth for existing customers.

Betting its not so much they did something to kill it, but that the app fails to start when it tries to reach for something online that exists no more.

So you have no pioneer headunit and the apps don’t work? So no way of making use of the more advanced metrics Pioneer can give? Time to switch to power meter mode:
Then you calibrate like any other ant+ power meter

Ah, that would make sense!

Thank you so much guys:)

I do have a Wahoo Bolt, so I’ll try the PM mode you’ve suggested!