Shimano power meter

I just got a new Dura-Ace shimano power meter. I’m using TrainerRoad on my pad, but I can’t seem to get the power meter to connect to the pad (I want cadence). Has anyone had this experience or have any advice?

The 9100P didn’t broadcast power over Bluetooth (assuming by pad, you mean iPad)
It might’ve been changed in a firmware update but I can’t see anything about it. I’d try a firmware update and see if that helps

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yeah- i’ve got the same issue. i’ve had my dura ace power meter for about a year now. i used to use the desktop version of trainerroad but my trainer didn’t like ant+. switched to bluetooth and a pad or iphone but the power meter doesn’t connect via bluetooth- only ant+. power match wasn’t working well with my desktop over ant anyway. i’ve noticed a pretty consistent 10 watt mismatch between the two devices at about 250 watts. i’ve just tried to keep that in mind based on my FTP and matching up outdoor rides with trainerroad. it’s a pain but in the end it’s workable. Good luck.

That’s really disappointing for such an expensive device. Now I guess I gotta get a foot pod

Can you return it?

Get a Quarq with Dura-Ace rings on it instead.


Cadence is fine actually. You should be able to update it to get Bluetooth Smart broadcasting. It was about a year ago that they added it.

As for power…well…yeah, it’s not terribly awesome. :frowning:

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I noticed the TR iOS and desktop apps pick up Bluetooth power reading from my Shimano power meter, as well as the standard ANT option when using a dongle.

Is this an added feature now on the latest Shimano power meter firmware? Is there any reason to believe broadcasting over Bluetooth is any less accurate than over ANT?

I find it more convenient to connect to the iOS app on my phone with Bluetooth than to my desktop app with the ANT dongle but want to make sure accuracy is not affected and is still reading from both left and ride strain gauges.

Thank you.