I really hope you dont have a pioneer cycling computer

Just wow…
Glad I didn’t get one when they were on sale a while ago…


Wow. That’s an epic level of customer service failure. Note that.


Makes you wonder about what they will do with the e-tube app in a few years when shinier and sexier things come along. Like so many connected devices - they have a limited shelf life.

FYI for any of you with the power meter, Wahoo computers can read the advanced pedaling metrics. So you can keep using the power meter without any web service.

For anybody using the pioneer computers, just assume you’re screwed at this point.

Wahoo should do some kind of promotion specifically targeting Pioneer customers. It’s really a great opportunity to turn Pioneer / Shimano hate into Wahoo love.

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I generally like Shimano stuff, but if I ever go electric shifting, it won’t be Shimano specifically because of their complete gross incompetence and arrogance with this move. Pathetic

Long term Di2 user, new AXS user. I much prefer AXS anyway, so win-win.

Hosing a bunch of customers to save a few bucks is one of the worst moves a company can make when they’re already on their back foot. SRAM has been eating their lunch consistently for years and the gap is only widening.

Def a bad move, then again I have never seen anyone I know personally with a Pioneer headunit, only Power Meters so I wonder how many people this actually affects. Wouldn’t be surprised if they reverse course on this, not that it’ll undo all the bad press but would take a lot more than this to get me to personally not have Shimano on my next bike

Uh, this is an opinion one can have I guess


I’m just swearing them off for anything that involves software. As DC Rainmaker points out, Shimano has always struggled there.

But there’s been plenty of other issues. Ultegra crank failures galore. MTB brakes with wandering bite point and oil leaks. Brifters eating through shifting cables like Cookie Monster eats cookies. Etc.

They never improve the products to resolve these issues either. They just keep pumping out the bad product.

Not exactly the reliable products that they built their reputation on.

My LBS head mechanic has seen a total of 2 failed Ultegra cranks in his 5+ years. Let’s leave the exaggerated complaining about Shimano hardware out of the Pioneer software thread


I think shimano does great hardware…
software… not so much…

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Yea my AXS software won’t brick the system like E-Tube can if used wrong, but with my Eagle and Reverb AXS offers a disappointingly low amount of data. Battery life, reprogram buttons and multi shift, that’s it. No shift counter, no shift speed adjustment, no “favorite gear” info, I think it does more for Road AXS. That said if Shimano made the piss poor decision to disable e-tube it wouldn’t change much for me anyway.

Time to switch to SRAM:


I have heard horrible stories of electronic group set failing at races…both SRAM and Shimano

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The folks who’ve made the jump to electronic shifting love it and would never go back…one of the main reasons I’ll never try it…:crossed_fingers:


I just got my first electronic shifting set… and it sweet!
mechanical might not be a choice in a few years, unless you go to 11 speeds or lower… I think Shimano will soon do 105 wired electronic group set… It’s just a matter of time…

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“You may not be able to get a 15 cog cassette unless you go to electronic shifting”. Hopefully be dead by then. :rofl:

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Yeah… I made a post about this a little while back. DC’s article expresses my outrage feels.

Plug in usb and upload via PC is not an option because the ride data is a weird format (not a .fit file), so bike computer is a brick

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the article was a great read thou