Pioneer Power Meter Magnets

Hi All,

I have a dual sided Pioneer Ultegra 6800 power meter on an old bike.
I am looking to move it over to a newer bike but can’t find the magnets required for sale.
I know that Pioneer sold their buisness to Shimano and that is why they are out of product everywhere.
I was wondering if anyone had any hacks for the magnets.
If you buy 2 rare earth magnets, would that work if they are taped to the exact location?
Anything ideas will help.

Yep, that’ll work.

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Its also optional if you just use it as ant+ power meter (i.e. not using the advanced metrics)

cadence detection won’t be as good, but good enough. (basically like all other accelerameter cadence detection

There is a BB spacer magnet that was available for older quarq power meters like so:

Don’t know how easy it is to find though.

Also, there is a K-Edge SRM Version of their chain catcher with a magnet attached. A bit pricey but has dual use at least. I had one previously to use with an SRM crankset before I swapped it out for something else (only did so to go shorter cranks otherwise I’d probably still have it). Looks like this:

A rare earth magnet will work just fine and I’d probably use some silicone to attach it and then out some type of tape over it to make sure it stays on personally.

I have a few pioneer chainstay arm type magnets