How to pick a variant with levels

I am on holiday this week so want to add 30 minutes to each training session. Today I was down for Bluebell so just added Bluebell +2. This was a few hours before the levels released.

On Wednesday I have Galena -2 with a Sweet Spot level of 5.8. I can pick Galena that is a Sweet Spot 7.8 or Galena +2 with a Threshold 6.8. In fact there is another Galena +2 with a level of 8.5. Which should I choose?

With the new stuff, you kinda want to ditch the old approach of picking from just workouts with the “same name” base.

What will likely work better is to load the given workout on your calendar, then look at the actual “Alternates” section under it. You can adjust your intended duration, and even the “Difficulty” if desired.

In your case, I opened Galena -2 on the web, and found the “Alternates” at 90 mins, with the default “Stretch” that is related to my own SS “Progression Level”. Yours may well be different, but you can keep the same Difficulty if you want.

Here is the result of that selection:

Note that there is not a single “Galena” version here, but these are much closer to the Workout Level. You can select the specific one that is closer to your original, like Round Bald.


Is that a beta feature? I dont see it on the web?

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Hmmm… could be related to my AT access. I presumed it was released along with the Workout Levels. Looks like my assumption is wrong?

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It is not on the regular website for those not in adaptive training. If you want to find a similar work out with the right levels you have to use the filter section. There’s a couple new parts on the filter section showing the different workout levels. So for example, if I have an 1:30 min work out but i only have time for 1 hour. Go to the filter section pick the time, type of work out it is, what progression level it is in and then you should have a wider or a variety to choose from.
Hopefully that makes sense but if you use the filter section you will have an idea what I’m talking about.
The picture below; I already know most the time I don’t have an hour and a half to work out on Tuesdays so I found a similar progression level shorter duration using the filter section. Again I hope that all makes sense but in my opinion it is great that they have progression levels in the filter section.


Thanks, I will look at that. @mcneese.chad I only have Variant on my app. That is where the screenshots came from. If I add 30 minutes wouldn’t I expect the level to be more difficult, the question is by how much I want to add?

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Thanks, that works.


You could also just add 30 min of endurance to the end of the workout.


I don´t have either that “Alternates” option… Only “Workout variations”…

It might be, if not too difficult, a nice carrot to the non-beta testers for them to release the alternates functionality to everyone.

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That is what I do on my Saturday 90 minutes workouts to make them 120 minutes. I made a custom z2 workout to add on.

I had Pettit today but I wanted to take it outside and its just one long (51 minutes) interval then so I substituted it for Bald Knob which at least breaks it up into 3 x 15minutes blocks. Bald Knob is 0.1 of a level more (3.7 as oppose to 3.6 IIRC) so I think it’ll be a fair substitute :thinking: