Phases in training plan

My trainingplan made by Trainerroad has a base2-phase after the Build phase and right before the Specialty phase. What is the logic of such phase in between the Build phase and the Specialty Phase?

I think it is meant to reduce fatigue

PB for the last 2 years has scheduled Base - Build - Base (4 weeks) - Specialty. This tends to happen in PB when you have “too much time” before the beginning of your plan and your “A” race.

For me I didn’t like this scheduling and my fitness dropped after the second Base and never recovered to the same high. This year I added on 4 more weeks in the beginning of Base to avoid this scenario and have the normal Base, Build, Specialty progression.

Thank you for your note!
How do you add these 4 weeks to the Base?

I used mid volume Traditional Base 2 and just added it to my calendar 4 weeks before I wanted my PB schedule to start. Or you could just use TrainNow mixed in with z2 days. Doesn’t need to be anything too specific. I use these 4 weeks as a transition from my 3 week off season to my structured Base.

Great! Thanks for the suggestions