Petition to see @jonathan CAAD build

@Jonathan is it done? Where are the pics?


…signing on for this petition! =)

I have no idea what’s happening but I’m a follower :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yes! Want to see this too!

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show time?


The venge was just a distraction from the actual crit monster! :joy:


Hehe, these comments are great :slight_smile:

I’ve been riding it but admittedly delaying the somewhat intimidating task of lacing up a unique wheelset for it (never done it prior to this). I have been riding it on a set of Roval CLX32s, but I am lacing up the FLO 45s this week.

This much I can say: It is very close to 15lbs (6.8kg), it rides incredibly well, and in a weird way I am equally excited to ride it as I am the S-Works Venge. Don’t get me wrong, the Venge is a better bike in every measure, but there is just something about this bike…

I think Nate is perplexed by it, but I guess it’s my “poor man’s” version of having a classic race car, hehe.

When I am on the Venge, I feel like I am cheating. It’s perfectly silent, electronic, optimized in every way, handles incredibly well in every circumstance, and almost feels like it is on autopilot. It’s the best road bike I have ever ridden by a very large margin, and it’s as close as I’ll get to owning a McLaren P1. :wink:

The CAAD 12 is entirely different. It’s understated, mechanical, simple, and delivers a sort of visceral experience people describe when driving a classic Porsche 911. It feels like riding a bike did when I first started riding. You’re connected to the road and every part of the riding experience, but it isn’t overly harsh. It’s the type of bike that makes you want to just keep riding – the same urge that makes you come home later than you promised, and leave earlier than you planned.

I’ll have pics up early next week, but don’t hesitate to ask any questions on the build beforehand.


Welcome to the aluminati @Jonathan

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I have a Pinarello Galileo (First Gen, Italian frame) with external butts, and no Onda silliness, and that’s how that frame makes me feel. It still has 10SPD Centaur on it, I used to use it for Crit racing when I was young and bullet proof, as it was a pretty low buy in for a Pinarello back in the day. I had a Prince SL and then a magnesium Dogma that were just too valuable to bang around with curbs and hard things to break them… Supposedly it was a popular training frame, much like the Marvel with some of the second tier Euro teams for exactly these reasons.

I TOTALLY get the reference to the old 911.

I still break her out and ride now and then when I want to feel really connected to the road. In fact, we may have a little date tomorrow…

Note the absurdly large seat pack and “ergo anatomic” bars…

It’s got an unobtanium Ti Chorus seat post that together with the worked, butted aluminum, does a surprisingly good job of damping vibration.


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You can build all the bikes with all the tech… But I’ll always have my CAAD9. It may not be my race bike anymore but its still way too good to get rid of.


We want photos! Lets see that beauty :biking_man:. @Jonathan

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Nice to see another Austinite on the forums!

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Heck yeah!

There’s a few of us lurking around

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I grew up in Austin, but don’t live in town anymore. Sadly only make it back at Christmas. Still love the place though, even with how much it’s changed.


it has certainly changed.

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Did I miss the pics?