Specialized Venge vs Cannondale System Six for crits

I’m in the market for a new bike. I’m leaning towards an aero model for crits because it’s flat down here in South Florida. I’ve narrowed my options to the Specialized S-Works Venge or Cannondale System Six Hi-Mod.

I have test ridden both and like the; however, riding the bikes in a crit is a different experience. I’d like to know how they handle and respond in a race environment.

Does anyone have experience riding either of these bikes in crits?


Ridden the Venge. Have not ridden the new System-Six.

Florida (flat) + Crits => Have you considered the Allez Sprint?

I did consider the Alex Sprint. It’s heavier and a little less responsive

have both system six and caad12, ridden venge.
Venge and S6 are almost identical, the aero bike game has become a math problem, there are only so many variables left to play around with. Whatever floats your boat, there are things I liked better on the S6 than the venge (di2 port location, etc) that made me go that route, plus dealer pricing helped.

Between the S6 and CAAD the CAAD is far more responsive (as is the equivalent Allez), i don’t know what voodoo Cdale engineers have been up to but the snap they have been able to create with those frames is unreal (both CAAD12 and new 13). Over a long ride you feel more of the road, but for crits the CAAD is my weapon of choice, and it’s far cheaper for when you eventually crash.

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Hmmm you’d be the first person who called “Allez Sprint” less responsive. It is considered by many one if not the best bikes for crits for that exact reason.

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Right, my thought on this is “neither”.

Much of this depends on the type of rider your are. Unless you are really a break away rider an Aero bike doesn’t give you much to gain. I have raced crits on a few different frames now, and my favorite is the Allez Sprint. Mine weighs 16.5lbs, and since its flat in FL any additional weight shouldn’t make that big of a difference. My advice is go ride them all and make your own opinion.