New Garmin firmware and outdoor ride screens

Yes, that is it!


Curious how this will look, even though I use a Wahoo. As far as Garmin issues, I know some people who have problems with theirs, and I know others who don’t, but battery life seems to be a common complaint from everyone aside from my one buddy with a 1030, which frankly looks as ridiculous/sizeable as a phone out front of your bars, IMHO.

@Nate_Pearson Dawg. Can your team create a post on recommended garmin data screens for outdoor workouts?, now that the new firmware is out. I’m too lazy to figure it out. Thanks, 5 stars+ infinity.




Yup, this. Please!

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Here’s my take on it.



Very helpful @Stewgotz! For those of us who are on the lazy side of lazy, could you pretty please post under what categories you found the graph, time to go and workout step fields and their names? :blush:


You can find everything in the data category called…workouts. The tricky thing is the graph
field. Its called workout comparison, which intuitively I would never think was a graph that would
show the workout being done. Laziness rules!



Nice one! I was actually looking for this exact thing this morning.

Separate topic - but why do I find myself customizing data screens during tempo or threshold efforts?! :thinking:

Thanks very much. I hunted high and low for the graph. Never would have guessed that!

Does anyone know how to follow a route while doing an outdoor workout. I seem to be able to only pick one or the other. Last week I wanted to do an outdoor workout following a planned course.

What happends if you load your route and have a map field, then load the workout. Shouldnt the navigator warn you about next turn while in the training field? Or if you have the mapfield,then the edge should warn you if your high or low on your watts during that interval

Gonna try to to a workout while following a route this weekend.
but when i first tried an outdoor workout, i got a warning if i were high or low on my power when looking at another sheet.

The part I don’t understand is how I load the route then the workout? I totally get your point about the screens and the fields. I am confused how you actually pick two things. Once I pick one it seems to want me to just press the start button.

When I pick the workout it has an on screen button to pick a course, but this seems to just start the route and not the workout. I will be interested to see how you get on.

I just tried to load a course then a workout, and it seemed to work just fine. I got the navigation arrow up, and a purple line to follow on my map. The workout also started correctly, and I could just tap threw the intervals.

I loaded a course, then i loaded the workout and then just pressed start on my head unitIMG_20200116_041506

Can you give the steps to access the settings to change the workout screen? I can’t seem to find it.

Never foind it before either but now i think ive foind it


Thank you

That is good to hear. Where did you go to load the workout? Did you have swipe up to get to a menu? I am not sure where the workout is once you pick a course. Sorry if I am missing the obvious here.

That’s cool - I didn’t realize you could put the workout graph in a data field. I’ll need to look into which one that is

No problems. I just went out in the main menu after i loaded the course. And into training, then workout and loaded up a old TR wo,then i press ride. The workout should have an own fiel when its loaded, not before.

Sry for some bad english,but i hope you understand :slight_smile:

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