Outdoor Workouts Graphic underlay

It would be nice if we can see the Graphics of the Workout under the analysis of the Outside Workout.
Maybe something like this?!

This would give a graphical indication of how closely we have followed the assigned task


+1 for this. Would defo be a help to see how bad I was at following the workout

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This relates to an existing request from long ago, related to review of targets vs actual for outside workouts:

It may be best to merge this with that thread, but I will let @ZackeryWeimer review and do that if appropriate.

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This -should- be possible, but not as easy as an indoor session.
first, the targets are not single values, but a bandwidth (at least on garmin)
second, the timing can be very different, as you can wait any amount of time to start a new interval
last, you can even skip or repeat intervals…

(let me check if the targets are in the .fit file… that would make it a lot easier…)


you can see the power target data in garmin connect:

the grey graph is the “workout target”

if you open the original fit file in a fit file viewer, you can see the complete workout details, with the targets for all steps:

the index value can then be linked to the records with the ride data:

So if TR has access to the full .fit file from garmin connect… it should not be very hard…


As you stated all the info is recorded in the Garmin file. But most analytics don’t use all the info, for whatever reason.

For example here is one where I changed the timing of the planned intervals, starting with a small delay at the beginning because of blind corner:

and then it was really hot and I delayed the sweet spot interval. You can clearly see the ranges, however TrainingPeaks ignores the actual executed interval. At one point in the last year or two they had as-executed targets working briefly, then it returned to the current implementation (IMHO it should be an option). One workaround - TP allows you to easily “slide” the planned intervals graphics left/right.

While Garmin Connect correctly displays the intervals as executed:

they do not show ranges. And you can’t toggle to as-planned. Same with Intervals:

thats a custom chart I made with colored zones and target (center of range).

I would love to see an analytics tool put it all together and allow toggling of actual vs as-executed, and with the ranges.

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