Perfect descriptions of the feelings of a VO2Max workout - Lionel Sanders

You can debate the workout structure and whatever else you want, but I found the descriptions of the feelings surrounding V02Max intervals bang-on–especially the “these are disgusting” line. :rofl:


Is it because he’s a tri guy that he finds VO2 work so challenging?
4x 3min @ ~120% shouldn’t be that “daunting”.

Awesome to see that he’s going to the CAN hour record! Any dates on that?

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Is there any world where 4 sets of 480w isn’t daunting!? Even if he wasn’t spending a bunch of energy getting good at running and swimming, that is pretty disgusting.


4 reps at 480w is daunting if you have a 250w FTP…but when you’re a world-class athlete with a 400w FTP…

That’s less than 10min in VO2 territory. Maybe he’s a monster steady-state threshold guy and his “all out” zone is a limiter…which is why he thinks of VO2 work as “all out”.

Huge LS fan but, I dunno, this just seems off.

I def want him to crush that hour!
(as an added bonus, it’ll be a completely socially distanced effort!)


He said “All Out” you say ~120% and I think that pretty much explains the level of daunt. TBH I’m not a fan of either version too frequently :sweat: but a peak and fade type interval is much harder than a steady state interval.

He is a steady state monster but he’s pretty solid at his 3-5 minute power too. I knew I had seen some of his HR and lactate numbers on here before and ironically I’m quoting you:

Pretty insane and it will be fun seeing him attempt the hour record.

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2016 (TP):

Lionel who has a Functional Threshold Power (FTP) around 400 watts

480w = 120%.

Unless his FTP after 7 weeks of intensity training (and 4 years of racing) is less than 400…

He also says he considers it a success if he hits 460w+, or ~115%. He was hitting ~135% so maybe he was doing hard starts? Breathing was def VO2. Just weird that it wipes him out like that.

And 7min rests?! I don’t see Spencer or Kaiser in his future. :rofl:

bonus edit:
an LS home-made power chart from 2013:

Yeah, I interpreted “all out” as a hard start and hold on for dear life kind of proposition. Those sorts of efforts are hideous regardless of how you decide to stick them in a workout, and the 7 min rest interval would make a little more sense in that case. Also kind of fits the brand :stuck_out_tongue:

I was disappointed there was no HR data, his HR is so dam low at threshold 130 mark. He wants to hold 400w for the hour, Dowsett held 370 I believe. And at roughly the same weight, LS around 72, Dowsett 75, LS could achieve the hour record.

Just a note if it wasn’t clear, he’s aiming for the Canadian record which is held by Ed Veal at 48.587km right now. I’m more interested in what he’s doing/going to do for a bike on the track than workouts at this point since there’s been no mention of that. I get the feeling he’s just going to do it on his tri bike and not have it be official, but I hope that’s not the case!

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