Lionel Sanders Threshold workout

4x7 mins @ 395 (405 actual) with 1:30 RI. Not a million miles away from Lamarck.

Watched this last night and thought it was a good example of what threshold should feel like.


I really enjoy Lionels YT channel - trains super hard!


LS seems to split opinion, he has his detractors, but I thought that content was excellent! Personally, I think he is great.

That video was a good balance of insight (unfiltered pro thoughts), motivation (I may even jump on the bike now) and enjoyment (watching someone try not to swear, even though they really want to swear at their work out).

Good stuff.

LS…is entertaining…in a semi-car crash kinda way.

I’m a big fan of his full-on self-coaching experiments, physical exploits, and over-all goofiness, but also think his eschewing of traditional professionalism (e.g. a real coach) has definitely limited his success.

That said, nice to see a world class athlete not take the whole thing too seriously.


Completely agree. When people ask ‘how hard should threshold feel’, this is what they should watch!

I don’t follow LS videos that much (happened to be on YT when this popped up last night) but I seem to remember he started being coached in 2020

Is he being coached or does he have a coach? From the outside it looks like the latter.

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He has a coach (David Tilbury-Davis) that he started working with again after Kona 2019. He worked with him in 2017 when he had some really great results (Challenge Samorin, ITU Long Course World Champ, 2nd in Kona) finishing 1st in 7 of 9 races and 2nd in the other 2. AFAIK it’s not a “you must do x, y, z workouts on days a, b, c” type coach/athlete relationship and more of a partnership/guidance relationship and Lionel still has room to get in his own way at times. :man_facepalming: :joy:

If that guy is still his coach, we haven’t seen much of him for a while in his content, which made me wonder if they still worked together. Lionel is very entertaining and inspiring, but he does a lot of bonehead stuff when left too much to his own devices. We all do, but most of us aren’t pros and it’s kind of repetitive to hear him wax poetically about a huge mistake he made after an event.

That he’s made 3 times before.

Guess a coach could fire an athlete… I’ve only had a couple transgressions and after I apologized profusely for making his life difficult, my coach politely and diplomatically requested no more than 30 bonus minutes during mid-week rides. Well that and don’t say yes to the siren call of friends getting you to do a CalTripleCrown qualifying virtual double century which became a thing around here in 2020 :joy:

Yes, he’s still his coach. He’s not travelling much due to covid, and especially couldn’t be on-site for the Canadian Hour Record attempt since he would have had to spend 14-days in quarantine had he come to Canada for it. I think he lives/is living in Helsinki right now.

ETA: Watched the stream tonight while on the TM–he specifically says he’s still working with coach David and he’s “an integral part”, I think around the 51’ mark. :+1:

It’d definitely tough as a fan to see him repeat mistakes, but at least you hear him talk about it–not a lot of pros put themselves out there like he does, which is part of why he has the fan base he does.


His warmup is my threshold. I suck.

His left knee tracks so differently from his right knee…:exploding_head:

And what is that little hop (out of the saddle) he does every 2 or 3 strokes?

Especially about his ‘on-the-bike’ nutrition - he set out a whole plan one year and stuck to it, then the next year set out a plan and then disregarded it on the day!

I have been trying for the whole morning to watch this video and figure out what threshold should feel like, but my internet connection is crap today and I can’t load the video at the moment.
Can someone kindly let me know how it seems to feel to him, relatively easy and still being able to talk or on the other hand panting and crazy hard?

I noticed his knee tracking on his Mount Lemon video. It makes you wonder if he has never worked with a pro level bike fitter. Or maybe if there is not pain, it just isn’t a concern?

You just almost never see that with a World Tour rider.

Just flicked through again. He was able to say 3-5 words at a time during all the reps. He answered questions during every rep. Hope that helps.

I once rode with a WT pro who did that. Annoying as h*** to sit behind them, as their speed varied accordingly.

You don’t have to wonder, he works with Ivan O’Gorman. Much like Lionel’s run form (which has got better recently) I’m sure it’s a work in progress, and not the easiest thing to change at this point.

I noticed Vincent Luis also rides with some flared out knees (at least on the TT bike) during the PTO Championships race coverage.