Lionel Sanders LT Test

This was a very good watch, you don’t often see Pros show their test protocols or results. Even more interesting is how low is heart rate is and how quickly it drops in recovery


Tripling up on LS:

FWIW…the disclaimer on the vid is that it’s not pro quality and is sooooooper boring (it’s 1hr long). Also, to be fair, it’s the first LT test LS has ever done (and ever wants to do!)…not sure he has a “test protocol”!

And yeah, there’s a lot of chatter about his HR in this vid…

To be clear, his HR is wildly low at all times. Not that it’s not crazy impressive, but he doesn’t have another 35bpm to tack on above that. It’s so strange seeing him churn out 325 at like 130bpm


I’m sure Professional Ironmen are comparable to elite road racers, but I’ve definitely been curious to what degree. Lionel seems really freaking strong on the bike, but I’m curious if it’s pro level, cat 1 level, less? He’s very self-effacing so it’s hard to tell just how good he is relative to the best.

Going off the Coggan chart and his vid…his 3min power is ~7w/kg which might put him into the ‘Excellent/Cat.1’ range. But he’s Tri so more of a long power guy, so extrapolating…his FTP could be anywhere from upper ‘Exceptional/Domestic Pro’ to lower ‘World Class/International Pro’. :man_shrugging:

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Look at Cam Wurf. Pro cyclist to pro triathlete. He just signed with INEOS. Dude’s a monster.


Guessing Lionel would be awesome to have pulling on the front for hours on end.

Yep he is super strong, if you check his strava he has some Zwift rides uploaded. 3x30 @360w:

I think he does a lot of Zwift rides but they dont get uploaded to strava.

Lionel chugged past me going up Mt. Lemmon last year, was a very cool experience and also made it very clear to me how big the difference is between pros and Joes.

Here is the ride he did:

He started off with a 20’ interval at 400W, then did some lower intensity intervals as he got higher in elevation. Average HR on the way up was under 130bpm which is just crazy to me.

I’m unclear about what the guy who was doing the lactate testing was actually testing for. He didn’t appear to be testing for LT1 or LT2. Or have I missed something?

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If I recall correctly, in some of his other videos he’s mentioned his max HR is something in the 150-160 range, which seems really low, but it puts those efforts at 130 bpm in a little more context.


he seems to use something like INSCYD, a software analyzing lactate dynamics instead of just lactate thresholds


That heart is pumping a shed-load of volume :open_mouth: