Should I set up my Peloton for TrainerRoad or just get a normal trainer?

Hi there, I’m relatively new to cycling, but quickly getting obsessed!

I’d love to get faster and TR obviously seems like the way to do it. I’m trying to figure out my setup at home, and already own a Peloton. It seems fairly straightforward to switch the Peloton pedals for Favero power pedals, and use those to start doing TR training.

Would this be effective for training, or should I just get a normal trainer?

Thanks in advance.

Normal trainer. While not cheap will be cheaper then a peloton.

*saw reread and saw you already own one…I prefer to ride on my own bike personally.

Thanks for the quick response!

RE: already owning one…that’s exactly the problem. Wife loves the Peloton, kind of crazy to have two bikes in our small apartment. So the question is, is there anything limiting my success of progress by using the Peloton with Favero power meter pedals? Or can I expect similar results?

  • No real limits, especially since you are relatively new to cycling and training.

Create a plan in TR Plan builder, follow it, get on the bike consistently, and learn the best ways to apply the manual resistance on the P bike to hit the specified intervals. That is a perfect place to start, by using what you already have in your hands.


Thanks so much!

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I started on spin bikes in the gym - use what you have!


Like others have said, it’ll work fine.

You may have seen either DC Rainmaker’s guide or other information on how to run TrainerRoad directly on the Peloton display. I’ve tried using a Peloton (at hotels and such) with my own pedals and finding a place to stick my phone, and sideloading it is going to work much better (or using a TV display or whatever; that works too).

Getting the fit correct, and having the fit match your outdoor bike, are both really worth the effort. It gets a little tougher in the crank lengths are different for the Peloton and the real bike, but at least be aware of the differences. Take notes for the fit settings for both you and your wife, and just make double-checking that part of your routine.

The feel with a spin bike or peloton (no free wheel, so momentum of the flywheel continues to move the pedals) is different from a bike with a freehub, but it doesn’t change the training stimulus much at all.

Because of space and money wise I would just buy a PM (L&R) and you would be better than with a trainer. A compact, multipurpose piece of kit.

I ride a Peloton with Vector 3 pedals. I have an iPad with Trainer Road on a magazine rack that hooks over the monitor. Pair with a Bluetooth HR strap and you are good to go. I use the “Just ride” portion of the Peloton, and I can see the resistance setting below the iPad.