Auto pause sensitivity

New to trainer road. Is there a way to change the sensitivity on the auto pause feature? I was doing the petite ride and it was telling me to do cadence drills at a given power. When the faster cadence time was up, TR went into autopause annoyingly in the few seconds it took to slow down from 130 rpm-ish back down to 95. I have a Kickr snap so the 10 pound flywheel doesn’t just slow back down instantly. This also happened after an interval jumping to a higher power and I pulled out of the pedal and unclipped. I didn’t even stop pedaling and only slowed cadence down for a revolution or two while I got clipped back in.

I don’t see anything in the settings for changing the autopause delay, but it being on instantaneous is annoying. The Wahoo app lets me slide a slider adjusting auto pause but how do you do this with TR?


No settings other than On/Off for auto pause.

Sounds like a pure issue with data from the cadence sensor. I am guessing it is one that is accelerometer base rather than magnet based?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to adjust the auto-pause time threshold at the moment. However, we have a feature request in for exactly this, and I have a feeling it’ll be worked on in our upcoming app revamp.

In the meantime, I would try replacing the battery in your cadence sensor (or power meter if that’s where you’re getting cadence data from) as @mcneese.chad mentioned. If it’s a cadence sensor, check your magnet! Slowing your cadence slightly at the end of the interval shouldn’t be pausing your ride. If you keep running into issues with this, you can always turn off the pedal to play/pause feature.


I was going to post this in another thread, but… Yeah, I have the same gripe. Looks like the autopause kicks in after something like 1 second for me. Even just adjusting my shorts the tiniest bit is enough to trigger the pause. It is WAY too sensitive.

Even worse: I could swear it was in a mode where it wouldn’t un-pause when I started pedalling again. I didn’t have my phone to take a screen grab, but the pause screen with “Pedal to play” was there while also showing my cadence of 70 in the background. It stayed that way for at least 10-15 seconds before I just leaned over and hit the pause button on the screen. If this ever happens again, I promise I’ll get a video of it.

I also have my power significantly undershoot my target when slowing down sometimes (in Erg mode, on a Kickr Core). Usually it’s not bad enough to trigger an auto-pause, but once in a while it happens. Once I had a few weeks under my belt, I got a little better at smoothly transitioning between high/low power intervals in Erg mode, and I don’t over/undershoot by huge amounts as often.

I take more care now not to abruptly drop my cadence - if I need to slow down by 30 rpms I’ll transition gradually over several seconds, and make sure that I can continuously feel some resistance from the flywheel. The quadrant drills in the workouts have helped me maintain smoother pedaling in general, and I think that helps keep the flywheel steadier in these spots too.

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Still not using a cadence sensor for TR. and the Kickr snap doesn’t have that ability built in like in the newer Cyclops M2. I am using the Garmin cadence sensor with my Garmin unit and don’t feel like unpairing repairing with other ap and back in forth every time I go far an outdoor and and back to trainer.

I do have an extra cadence sensor I can connect but I just haven’t done that yet. I can do that before Saturday’s work out but today is a rest day

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Never mind on the spare cadence sensor. It’s ant+ and doesn’t work with IOS. I just assumed a brand new iPad would have that function: silly me. Seeing how the ant+ adaptor and 30pin to USB C cost twice what a wahoo Bluetooth cadence sensor costs, I know which way I have to go there.