Upgrading from Stages Gen 2?

Currently using a Stages Gen2 trouble free for the last 10,000mi or so, seems to give me consistent readings, decent battery life, no issues that I have encountered with it like readings being out of wack, typically tracks close to my Hammer trainer, and outdoors if I compare strava segment efforts, I can see slight increases in power track alongside slight reductions in segment times. I have no real concerns with this meter. I paid $300 for it over 2 years ago used

However, now there seem to be other affordable options out there that may be more accurate or consistent or just overall better. I like the idea of the Assioma DUO pedals because I could sell my pedals and PM to recover some of the cost but hear the XPEDO cleats are a bit of a PITA. I also looked at the Stages Gen3 but can’t determine what the real differences are. The 4iiii seems to get good press too but is basically exactly what I have. I run Ultegra 8050 and hear the crank based power meters for Shimano are mostly junk aside from SRM which won’t work with my Wahoo headunit.

Anyway, suggestions on if there are any worthwhile upgrades, or should I just stick to my tried and true Stages Gen 2?

“Better” is surely quantified by benefits you gain over your current one.

Since you don’t seem to be experiencing any drawbacks, it’s hard to recommend something that’s “better”.

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A new PM won’t change your life in any way whatsoever. You wouldn’t upgrade a speedometer or cadence sensor or GPS sensor. Everything more than a good power number, makes a 1% difference in your life and is mostly pure entertainment. A Shimano stages is as good as pedals for traveling as long as you’re renting a road bike. The only case to move would be you no longer want to use a Shimano crank or you need something for a MTB.

Not seeing the point. Actual power is nicer, feels smoother & quicker to respond to changes in pace but it’s pretty marginal.

Now if you were adding another bike or the Stages was failing, now we’re talking :wink:
Answer = buy new bike.

If you still have cash to burn, I’d look at a Quarq or p2m crankset.

Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone call Stages “tried and true” before. Neat.

For what it’s worth, I had tons of issues with my Gen 2, and Stages eventually swapped it out and sent me a brand new Gen 3. It’s been fine if not a little erratic, so I plan on picking up a Power2Max NGeco to replace it. Every suggestion I’ve come across names it as the best bang for your buck PM out there, and a huge upgrade from any Stages.

I’m not sure why stages gets such a bad reputation, I know about half a dozen people using it and none have issues. And granted, Sky used dual sided Stages, but it was good enough for them.

Bought a Stages gen2 back in October 2016, then upgraded to gen3 a year ago. Been really happy with them. I review all my power files, and have only spotted a one second blip (about 300W too high) on two rides. The power2max looks very interesting and after the upgrade last year realized it was a bit cheaper. Would definitely put NGeco on my short list if shopping right now.

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Never confuse commercial sponsorships with choice.

OP: The Gen 3 Stages has much better ‘range’. No dropouts if you’re using an out-front mount. I have no issues with the LEFT (or most LEFT only) Shimano based crank power meters for what they do.


I meant that more in the sense that if it was as bad as everyone says, they likely would have dropped Stages. That being said, you do quite a bit of testing, how has your Stages experience been?

They did… they’re back on Shimano (from bad to… well… anyway).

Stages step smack-bang into the turd that is the Shimano right side crank design. There’s nothing wrong with their tech (radios, gauges, etc). But you can’t put a hat on a turd and call it done.

I can’t rely on ANY L/R Shimano based power meter to use as a baseline to compare anything else to. Left only units give me better results.


So if I’m in my situation where I have Ultegra 8050 with a Left side only Stages Gen2, am I missing out on much? I was considering something like the Pioneer but my buddy told me that those “shimano based dual sided meters” are worse than garbage, and suggested if anything I go for dual pedals, which is where the Assioma DUO came in, but not sure what I really have to gain aside from dual sided accuracy.

I guess if we compare a Stages Gen2 L only to a Assioma UNO, to make it more apples to apples, what’s the difference in accuracy, consistency, etc. As I said, my Stages L tracks very close to my H2/H3 when I use it in ERG mode in the 36x17 where the flywheel speed issues aren’t prevalent.

I’m kind of a noob to all of this tech stuff anyway

All good questions.

  • If it’s working, nope, you’re all good.
  • If you’re left/right wonky (and we all are) and want true power, upgrade to a ‘total power’ meter.
  • Assioma UNO (or Vector 3S / P1S / P2s) all line up nicely with good Shimano based LEFT power cranks, so apple and apples, yep.

Maybe I’ll look into the Assioma DUO, they seem to get good reviews from everyone, even though I never heard of the company until recently but that doesn’t mean much.

This isn’t their first rodeo, round #1 was the BePro pedals. The company doesn’t advertise a lot (or at all?). They dropped the Assioma pedals on the market and boom. They just worked. And worked well. And that’s backed up by 1000s of comments saying the same thing.

Then they dropped their price… and kept the firmware updates coming.

This is a great example of a smaller company making something that works, works well, and customers singing their praises.


Good to know, of all the meters out there these seem to check the boxes for me for being dual sided, reliable, accurate, and easy to maintain.

Just gotta see what prices look like after the holidays, if Clover still has them for $649 I may pull the trigger before I jump into build phase so I can have a ramp test with their numbers and move forward appropriately

One concern I did have is about shoes rubbing on the pods, I ideally wouldn’t want to have to adjust my cleats to move the shoes out but I do run them pretty close. I should find someone with a set and try them

I’m still really considering the Duo setup simply because it will give me true power and I’m 100% sure we will eventually see an MTB adaptation/upgrade which would be super awesome.

DUO are $649, could sell my Stages for 250ish, and my almost new Ultegra pedals for 80ish, so would essentially cut my cost in half, which isn’t bad. With more of a focus on training I don’t think I’d miss the money in my wallet but would probably be super happy to not have to wonder whether my L arm is off or not. Mine has been good, but could fail I suppose

Also looks like the Assiomas are cheaper if bought directly from the Favero site, mine are coming in at €569,67, which they say is $632, no tax, free shipping. I’m sure shipping will take longer from europe. Has anyone ordered direct from them, and are there any extra fees associated with it?