Anyone actually compared Assioma Uno to Garmin RallyRS100

There are plenty of power pedal threads on here but I can’t find anything that gives an indication of a direct ‘user experience’ comparison between the current Assioma Uno pedal set and the newer Garmin Rally RS100.

I need to press the button on one or the other as I’ve settled on this solution for various trips abroad where I will either be borrowing a friend’s bike (USA) or hiring a bike (Spain) over the next 18 months as examples.

I currently run SPD-SL so the Garmin attracts for that reason; however I have a spare pair of shoes that I could easily and cheaply get a set of Look Keo cleats for, meaning the cheaper (by around £100) Assioma also appeal.

Lots of threads / comments suggest the internal rechargeable Assioma battery is a plus. Other threads / comments made seem to suggest the small disc-like module on the pedal inside may rub your foot / be a little prone to exposure and damage.

Comments on the Garmin pedals appear quite unflattering in terms of consistency and / or accuracy or longevity (for their previous generation products) but I can’t find any longer term ownership feedback on the relatively new RS100s.

Anyone on here had experience of both and so in a position to compare and contrast?

Currently if I had a gun to my head I’d probably opt for the Assioma but am keen to not make a massive mistake I will end up regretting :smiley: - especially given the Garmin match my existing pedal / cleat choice.

Either way this is a fairly hefty investment for me so I’d appreciate any insights.

Any help on this fairly specific query gratefully received.

You could also get assioma spindles for spd and convert your existing spd pedals into a dual sided power meter

Btw I really can’t tell the difference between my spd-sl pedals and my assiomas

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Cool thanks :sunglasses:

Cleats are different. I mean there is the obvious part, but also

  • the adjustability in that my spd-sl cleats had more side to side movement then what came with the assioma.
  • I can unclip by rotating in either direction with spd-sl abut with my assioma pedlas I can’t rotate towards the bike to unclip. (didn’t notice till after I made the switch that I tend to rotate both feet in the direction I’m getting off the bike to unclip)
  • the float is different between my assioma and ultegra pedals. With the assioma and the cleats it comes with the cleat way more easily moves around between the limits of the float
  • Walking is different. Standing the assioma cleats have better grip on the ground since its not just the two side peices that wear off quickly. But walking requires smaller steps as when you toe off to walk the front of the cleat is very slippery. (so with small steps the assioma is better, with “normal” walking gait for me at least spd-sl is better)

(yes, some of this just takes time to get used to. Have no experience with the Garmin pedals)


I never attempted to unclip by turning my feet inside, so I wouldn’t know but you can get look/xpedo cleats with 0, 4.5, 6 and 9 degrees float. I’m pretty sure one of these will come pretty close to spd-sl yellow ( 6 degrees). Anyway personally I couldn’t tell the difference if my life depended on it… now when I switched from spd to crankbrothers I can tell you there was quite a learning curve but not from spd-sl to assiomas