Pearl Izumi Canada - gone?

Have any Canadian users had luck recently getting in touch with PI Canada recently?

I have a warranty claim and reached them by phone back in early May. They instructed me to email, which I did, but since then it’s been crickets. The phone number on the Canadian webpage is no longer active, and the US folks have no line of sight to anything to do with Canada (which I get - it’s a totally separate entity). I realize that Shimano owns PI and they haven’t gone anywhere, but it shouldn’t be this difficult to get in touch with them.

I like my PI bibs, and as a clydesdale, they’re one of the few outfitters who makes a large size bib that I like. Hopefully they aren’t gone!

Shimano no longer owns PI. They sold them sometime in the last year or two. They continued the sales for them since then but PI is officially going it’s own way this summer. I think in July Shimano will no longer be their distributor. I know the name of the company that purchased them but I can’t think of it right now. If you are on the East Coast of Canada I know the Shimano rep is continuing on as the PI rep. Try contacting your local shop they should have the info.

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Oh, wow. Okay - good to know! I’ve ordered the last few pairs from PI’s website directly so I guess the website will still work from a purchase standpoint…?

Yeah, PI still exists and is open for biz, but it has new owners (not Shimano).


Okay, interesting. Hopefully the new ownership sets up the customer service side of things here sooner than later then.