Shout-Out to Shimano

I wanted to share my recent experience with Shimano customer service and warranty department. I had a brake component issue on a new part which I purchased from a retailer in the EU. This was really a bummer because it was the first time I used a non-USA retailer, and the savings I enjoyed would be negated by my shipping costs and down time. The retailer told me it would take weeks for them to even look at it and then contact Shimano to see about the warranty. This was a new bike build and now I’d be unable to ride for at least a month! :disappointed:

A friend suggested I contact Shimano USA directly. I had not even considered it since most companies want you to work through a dealer, and all the shops in my area are slammed. Also, I wasn’t sure if my shop would frown upon me using them for a warranty claim since I bypassed them to save a few :dollar:.

Well I called Shimano’s warranty department and was surprised when someone answered the phone right away! I explained my situation and was told to ship the part with receipt and they would inspect it and respond ASAP. Well that sounded better than the EU dealer so I shipped the part to Shimano USA.

The shipper confirmed delivery to Shimano on a Friday morning so I thought I’d give Shimano about a week before I followed up. The next morning I’m going through my email and see one I had missed from Shimano on Friday. The email reads that they had accepted the warranty claim and shipped me a replacement part with tracking number!

So during Covid times when many companies are working below capacity, Shimano was able to receive my part, inspect it, accept the claim, and ship a replacement - THE SAME DAY!!! :clap:

I just had to give Shimano a shout out :mega: for such exceptional service!!! This was way above and beyond my exceptions, even during pre-Covid. That is all.