Cyclo-sphere shutting down - RIP Pioneer SGX-CA500/600 headunits?

I received an email an hour ago, subject: [Pioneer]Notice of Termination of the Cyclo-Sphere Web Service and Transfer to Shimano’s New Web Service

Effective mid-June. It appears to be a case of “we’re shutting down Cyclo-Sphere but here’s this other service you can sign up for.” I don’t really see the connection. There’s a sentence that reads “it will also become impossible to upload new workout data from your cycle computer.” I’m not sure if that refers to the countries where the new service will not be available (Taiwan, Australia, Canada and New Zealand) or across the board. Either way, it renders my headunit virtually useless.

I have really enjoyed my Pioneer headunit. It has a bunch of standout features (especially considering it was released in 2014) like automatic wifi uploads, user replaceable batteries (that were good for 12+ hours when new), very clear and accurate touchscreen and, most importantly, a perfectly flawless performance the entire time I’ve had it. :cry:

I don’t understand what they have against Aussies? :man_shrugging:t2: Why no AU/NZ/CA/TW service? It’s the world-wide-web. Not some half-arsed-geoblock-tea-fking-party-web. /rant.

Wait… rant open again…

So… if Shimano make a new power meter and maybe utilise some of the additional metrics from the Pioneer units due to the acquisition of their IP… then AU/NZ/CA/TW won’t have access to the analysis site for it? That’ll go down well.


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