PEAK - An NTT Pro Cycling film

Watched this film this morning. I thought it was a great insight into a cycling team. Worth a watch.


Thanks - not seen this one.

Mentioned this on the cycling documentary thread. Really enjoyed it, hard not to get emotional at times. Those early successes were pretty special.

Cheers. It is in my watch later list. Looking forward to watching it.

Enjoyed watching those rides from Steve Cummings again. More challenges ahead for the team as well, with NTT pulling out at the end of this season.

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Glad you’re all enjoying it…guys & gals…


Can you link that thread…I have just finished watching The weight of gold although nothing to do with cycling really, its more about mental health around the olympics and the pressure of going for gold…I can recommend it as a watch too.

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Some boy, that Cummings!

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