GCN docs, the clock is ticking, what to watch

So a week left of GCN+, what are some recommendations of their documentaries to watch before they go away? I recently watched. “Behind the Lens” - about cycling photography, and “Trial by Giro” and liked them both. Have “The Fast Lane” up next.

Any other good one to make sure i watch

Wonder who owns the docs? Such a shame to lose all this content. Perhaps they show up on Youtube?


The Live Racing will be on Discovery+ (edited - I had thought this included documentaries)
A good one is Zero to Hero

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Citation needed. That would be great news. I haven’t put any effort on finding out where to see the docs in the future.

Ah good point! (which I hadn’t looked into). So far it’s only mentioning Live Racing moving over to Discovery+. No word on the catalogue of documentaries.

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I exported the documentaries that I had planned to watch but not got around to yet using https://www.hlsloader.com. Exports a perfect 1080p mp4 :slight_smile:

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(No) News from a club mate who works at D+

Nothing to share yet David - hopefully there will be an announcement soon.

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I enjoyed the Paris Brest Paris documentary, and the other slow rides I’d say are a good watch.

The ones with Mitch Docker are all entertaining

Any update yet? It’s a travesty if these documentaries (and hosted race replays) are now lost.

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