Payment Failure

I’ve had a couple of emails from Corey Croasdell @TR saying payment for subscription has failed (twice), but my account is active and only due to be next debited on 13th. Can’t work out if this is legit or :fishing_pole_and_fish:

I’d contact support directly. They may just be checking authorisation before making a transfer.


I had the same problem with a card I’ve been using for years - ended up having to use PayPal which worked

Yeah, that’s the weird thing. It’s the same card I’ve been using for months and never had Payment issues with it.

I’ll drop them a line

Never, NEVER, click on a link and update information, even if it turns out to be legit in the end.

Just contact them directly via support, or log on to your account as you normally would (NOT through a link) and make changes if you need to. This applies pretty much to everything.
If TR have sent a message with a link to update your details here, I am very disappointed in them, they should know better. It should just say log on to your account and update your payment details please.


This +1

The screenshot looks like it’s from a phone, I’m not sure how you do this on a touch device but desktop email clients will show the actual link if you hover the mouse pointer over the link text. They’ll also show you the actual email address by doing the same thing.

The screenshot does look very phishy though.

Edit: the other day I received an email from HMRC (the UK tax agency) to fill in my tax return. No links but this:

You have a new message from HMRC about Self Assessment. To view it, sign in to your HMRC online account.

For security reasons, we have not included a link with this email.

Which is how it should be.

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That email is dodgy as anything. As above, do not click on the link in it.

For whats it’s worth, i had a similar email a couple months ago when i switched bank accounts and forgot to update the billing info on my TR sub (Guessing the DD switch thing doesn’t work for a US company).

I tweaked my payment details via a known safe link and emailled back to confirm and had a reply within a day to say it’s gone through successfully after I’d updated it so i don’t think it is a scam in this case :slight_smile:

I have the same email, word for word, twice in my inbox that was sent legitimatly when I got a new credit cards and didn’t update it in Trainerroad.

I updated through the site and not by the link however.

I had issues similar when I moved, changed zip code on my CC and didn’t update on my various subscriptions

Hey folks, we’re really sorry about this—these emails are legitimate (though as you’ve all observed it’s good practice to assume they aren’t). At any rate, these are the result of payment issues related to a third-party payment processing service, currently affecting some UK athletes. We’re working to resolve the issue. In the meantime, reach out to if you get one and we’ll get everything sorted away.


Hi Sean,

Thanks for the information.

As already stated above, I checked my subscription and payment details in the TR main site/ app, and can confirm that my payment method has not changed in months so I wouldn’t expect a failure. Also seemed a little odd that I got the message well in advance of my actual billing date.

I guess I’ll ignore the message for now then. If I get kicked-out on the 13th (my actual billing date), then I guess I’ll have to re-input the same card details again.

As I understand it, it wouldn’t be related to you changing your payment method. There’s an error occurring with a processing service behind the scenes, which we’re working to resolve. Since you got the email, I would recommend sending an email over to support just so they can proactively check on things, just to make sure your subscription won’t be interrupted. Sorry again for the trouble!

I think the problem is the “Hey, there’s a payment issue, click on this link to resolve”.

The problem is the link as that’s how classic phishing emails are presented. You click the link (if phishing) and you provide your payment details on a site that looks like Trainer road but isn’t.

If you instead ask the recipient to check their payment status in their trainer road account (without providing a link) , that’d appear much more trustworthy and not lead users into behaviours that phishes rely on.

As to the payment service difficulties, would it be a certain one beginning with P? . I had this (plus a few fellow organisers I know) the other week for cycling events I run.

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Should I message support too, or just let the notifications be? I just got another one despite having very up to date info :thinking:

I forwarded your info to support. Someone should reach out to you shortly!