Account inactive yet subscription is active

Hi all,

I am hoping someone has an easy fix for this. I have just signed up for TR and used Apple to activate the subscription - the subscription is active on my Apple ID with auto renewal date as 30 April. Yet when I login to TR is says my profile is inactive and I need to renew subscription…

Is there an easy fix for this or am I going to just have to go through support as I’m assuming it’s a glitch?



Email for fastest and most direct help with issues like this.


Hey @Jphillips29,

It looks like this is a bug of sorts that the team is currently looking into. :male_detective:

I see that Reynaldo has taken on your support ticket, so you’re in good hands!

I’d expect another response from us at some point today.

Sorry for any trouble!

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We’ve got a fix out for this now @Jphillips29 :mechanic:

You should be good to go, but just shout if you have any issues.

Happy riding!

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