TR users in India : Trainer Road subscription payment issue

Not able to make the payment using my CC or Paypal after the recent RBI directive regarding standing instruction (SI) payments came into force.

Got this message

Corey from TrainerRoad here. I am writing because it looks like your subscription payment of USD$15 didn’t go through. and we’ll give it another try. Let us know if you have any questions,

Not able to make the payment “manually” on the TR accounts page either.

The solution for SI payments seems to be to register it. But I could not figure out

My CC says (on the emandate .pdf they have) that the necessary arrangment has to be made by the merchant/ app as per the “new compliant process”

What is the way around this ? My subscription is due today (Oct 11)


Did you reach out to TR support?

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Yes, email directly.

I have done that.


Update on this, apparently there is a general increase in credit card transaction failures in India. This is due to a new Reserve Bank directive on recurring credit-card charges implemented on 30 September 2021. We are investigating solutions currently.

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Its the new RBI rule which says merchant can’t hold credit card information with themselves.
A consumer would approve the payment then only payment can be complete.
In TR or zwift, there is an auto renew procedure which fails automatically.

If they can change and ask for payment before due date, that logic would work.


Is there any update on this issue ? Not able to use trainerroad since october.

Please reach out to, they should be able to help!

I am having a really frustrating time since yesterday. My PayPal mandate was denied. Changed two Debit Cards linked to PayPal. Denied. Tried two different Credit Cards. Denied. Tried my own Debit Card directly (with all International permissions activated). Denied again.

It’s a never-ending cycle and I see no solution.

My renewal payment was due yesterday (i was doing Base 1 on a free month referral from a friend). It was denied and failed to go through. The new date was shifted to today. Same story again. Now the payment due date has been shifted forward to Feb 6. But that’s not a solution. It is simply delaying the inevitable.

These are national government regulations. I’d TR does not provide a workable alternative within the laws, then no Indian cyclist is going to be able to make fresh payments. The only friends not having a problem are the ones on an annual membership already paid for.

I have written to Support but not heard back. Please help.

Cheers, Vistasp

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They’ll get back to you right away, I’ve alerted the team. Sorry for the trouble.

Thank you TR team for making sure this issue was not a hassle in any way

Also for sorting out the payment issue: I could make the payment using the link you sent with the new Payment Flow.