Partial injury annotation and training plan adjustment

Hi all,
still new to the app and the forum so apologies if my search didn’t find the captain obvious answer.
I am on a training plan for a half ironman and so far liking it. I am just coming of an Achilles tendonitis, which didn’t allow me to run, but would be fine for swimming and also now better for cycling then running. I used the injury annotation to signal TR that I wasn’t able to do some of the training. But TR basically removed all the training for that time frame.

So the question / feature request would be, if adding an injury annotation to be able to somehow let TR know what sports are a go/no-go for that injury.

Also, while waiting for that feature to come really soon™, how should I best deal with such a case. Just not tell TR so I can continue with swims and later bikes while still ignoring the runs? Should I remove the runs from my calendar?
Cheers, Joerg

My suggestion would be to remove the injury annotation. Leave the runs in the schedule, but ignore the specific recommendation and instead do some zone 1 recovery rides in place of the scheduled runs. If that feels OK, you can probably bump this up to zone 2 rides.

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Hey @joeyfly :slight_smile: Welcome to TR and the Forum!

As @mcalista, mentioned I would recommend removing the annotation and accepting the recalculation of the plan, so the workouts get re-scheduled.

Then follow the plan as scheduled and simply skip the workouts you will not be doing (runs). This essentially does the same thing you are requesting but without an annotation; Adaptive Training will register that you are doing all workouts except the runs.

However, I will forward your request to the team! You can also add a “Note” annotation mentioning you didn’t run for given days because of your Achilles tendonitis. This kind of annotation won’t make your workouts disappear but it’s nice to have when you are browsing past training and things that have happened along the way.