Pairing issues Stages?

Having been enticed via the podcast, this forum and the general ethos of the TR brand I’m just about to start my first proper plan. Having chosen a plan I did some workouts before Christmas but then wanted to go down the polarised route, I then got sick, so toyed with staying polarised or going down the TR route, as mentioned I chose the latter.

I’m going with SSB Mid Vol 2, my aim with it is to regain what I’ve lost (the ramp test is this evening), bu hopefully this won’t be too much. I will probably try and get a Sunday ride in if conditions allow but other than that I will stick to it.

My first A race is on the 24th March, (7 hill climbs on one event, closed roads, with moto escort between them), my plan will allow me to throw in 2 weeks of top end work to hopefully sharpen the legs. After that I’ll let you know.

I’m confident TR will do the business this year, the methods are sound, the time constraints suit what I have available and allow flexibility to chop and change.

Hope you get on ok.

Yeh I think I’m going to try and follow a plan. I’ll probably skip ssbv1 and start at low vol2 and see how I follow it. Then build followed by speciality. I’ll probably start doing some TTs in April which would be when I’m still in the build plan. But these should supplement the build ok. June is when my goal tt is.
I’ve never been one for following other people’s plans but I’ll have a crack.
Hope ramp test went well??

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Not too bad, 284, down from 298 but given my CTL is 39, after a 3wk illness (which I’m not 100% over) and some other stresses I’m pretty satisfied. I’ll pull that back to 300W after 6 weeks I think. :pray::pray::grinning:

You’ll soon gain that back.
Soz for all the questions but how do you think the ramp test compares to the normal 20min test??? Same results give or take??

Same here