Pairing issues Stages?


I’m having trouble connecting my Stages Power meter with the TR app?? I’ve disconnected other apps and devices and put a new battery in. Still not connecting??
Any ideas??

did it ever connect? or are you having trouble out of the box? And what device are you trying to connect to? and what protocol? ANT+ or Bluetooth? And do you have it connected to anything else like a head unit?



Thanks for getting back to me.

It did connect a while back yes but not now.

I’m trying to connect it to a Sony Z5 Android phone via Bluetooth. However, I’ve also tried Ant+ via radio app etc.

I’ve disconnected it from my head unit etc.

Very puzzling??

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January 8
did it ever connect? or are you having trouble out of the box? And what device are you trying to connect to? and what protocol? ANT+ or Bluetooth? And do you have it connected to anything else like a head unit?I

Bluetooth can be tricky because it only allows one connection per device. If you have ever connected it to another device via Bluetooth, make sure you either unpair it or turn it off. If it is connected to another device, you won’t even see it as a connection. I would try connecting to it via a different device, perhaps your head unit, and see if another device besides your android can connect to it. If so, then you know that it’s broadcasting and not connected to something else.

Make sure Stages is not paired in your phone’s Bluetooth settings. Also make sure another app, like Stages app, is not running.


Are you able to connect it to the Stages app?

Yep it connects to stages app and stages pm connects to my head unit but won’t connect to the TrainerRoad app.

my troubleshooting steps if I was in your shoes:

  • ensure Stages PM is not paired on phone Bluetooth settings
  • force quit any apps that have used Stages PM (e.g. Stages app)
  • turn off bike computer
  • turn off any other computing devices that have paired with Stages PM (e.g. laptop, tablet, 2nd phone)
  • power cycle phone
  • uninstall and reinstall TrainerRoad app

If this doesn’t work, reach out to our Support Team at and they can help you troubleshoot further :slight_smile:


I’ve tried all that and still no luck!!
I’ve contacted support.

I would definetley recommend reaching out to our Support Team then. They will have additional insights due to their ability to take a deeper look into your log files and other behind-the-scenes information :+1:

Cheers all.
Solved the issue by playing around but absolutely nothing to do with Bluetooth. Nowhere has it been mentioned about turning your location on and just like magic, it’s connected.


Thanks for the update. Have a question or two:

Turning on your location where? If it works with Stages app then I’m guessing you need to turn on Location for TrainerRoad app?

Other Android phones may not have the same options/settings as your phone.

You apparently need to give permission for location access to connect your devices via Bluetooth. This is a requirement by the latest Android software development kit for Bluetooth connectivity.
There’s no hiding anymore with all this tech!!! Eye in the sky…

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If this location thing works tonight I’m going to be very happy as I cannot pair my stages with TR through my iphone. It connects to everything else just fine.

Just to add, I have just checked my phone and location services seem to be on. When I looked at what was paired with my phone, it said “stages 3397739” (*number made up) was connected, anything else was disconnected. For all the other devices I could click into them and forget the device, for the stages I could not do this, those devices stay permanently on my phone, the stages only appears in that list when near my power meter. This is what believes me to think was the reason I cannot pair my stages with TR.

Nothing else is pair or connected, no wahoo, no headphones or anything. I open up the app, load workout and attempt to pair device but nothing can connect.

My stages won’t pair via bluetooth if my beats headphones are connected to the same device, that’s laptop or mobile. If stages is to one device beats to the other all is fine.

Unpair from everything including stages app. Turn on location and Bluetooth and the TrainerRoad app should find your stages crank.

Did you get it to work murph???

Hi Gav, yes I did.

As I mentioned, the location services wasn’t the issue but what I did do was leave my headphones and Wahoo in the house, took my phone into the outhouse where my setup is and just paired it straight up no bother. I think it may have been my headphones overriding the stages to trainer link on my phone, or at the very least conflicting. I then pair my wahoo to my stages no problem after connecting TR with my stages first.

I like to run TR on my phone but also on my wahoo as backup. I think it just needed to restablish that connection, now it’s done it once it all seems fine…

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Glad you got it sorted.
How are you finding TR??
I’ve only recently signed up doing workouts that I choose myself from the package. I’m been toying with following one of the plans but I’m in two minds?? I’ve been doing loads of sweetspot for the last 10wks preparing for some 10m and 25m TTs. I would class this as the ssb plan so don’t know whether to move straight into the build plan.
Just wondered what route you have gone down??