Help needed with Stages SB20

I’m having blue tooth connectivity issues with my new Stages smart trainer. I was able to do a TR workout this morning by connecting the bike via ant+.
I’ve been working through trouble shooting and see that the ant + connection via TR is no longer listing as an option under devices - only the blue tooth option, which is currently not showing watts. In the top left corner, ant+ says it’s on.
How do I get the ant+ connection option to be listed again?

Obviously, it would be fabulous to get help with the blue tooth connectivity issue as well. I’m waiting to hear back from Stages currently.

My Samsung Galaxy S6 tab is no longer able to pair with the bike. It did so initially, but now stubbornly sits there under “available devices”, but does not pair.
I’ve been on the phone with Samsung and we have not found anything in the tablet settings to cause the issue.

The bike will sometimes connect with Zwift fora limited time period, before the connection drops out.

I would call Stages, so they can help you troubleshoot live.

Are all three of your firmwares up to date?

There is also a stages facebook group: Lots of stuff on there about connectivity.