SB20 how to actually pair it to TR


I have an SB20 which pairs perfectly fine with Zwift (I do use the ant+) connection and it will pair to TR, but power drops out within 5 seconds.

According to Stages, no need to pair the power meters but TR wants me to calibrate them. Does that mean I have to pair them separately?

Also, anyone else find the new stages cycling app confusing and instructions completely unclear?


No, pair just the bike, not the individual power meters:

To calibrate the power meters, use the zero reset option in the Stages Link app (which I agree, is super janky, and I use only for this one purpose):

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Are you using Bluetooth or ANT+? Stages contacted me back pretty quickly and suggested Bluetooth only as it’s a better connection.

I’ll give it a shot tomorrow.

I use Bluetooth, it’s worked well for me so far.