Is it just me? Tech issues

Firstly I will state that I don’t have much time of patience with electronics.
Secondly I’d like to acknowledge how fantastic the TR support staff are.

I’ve had a number of compatibility issues whilst trying to use TR.
This has necessitated buying a new phone, and hours of pratting about trying to troubleshoot issues which still remain unresolved.
I have two different crank based power meters, one worked fine in the spring but now will pair but not display numbers in the data fields. The other says its paired but has never given me numbers. Everything is using ant+.
Last night I was dragging my bike and turbo to and from different places, swapping bikes, disconnecting and reconnecting the app, with a total hit and miss whether it worked or not.
Like I said, chat support guy Mike was brilliant and kept trying to solve the problem, I’ve no doubt he’ll be in touch today with some more things to try.
My question is: is this sort of thing normal? My PMs are over 5 years old and not bluetooth so hard to connect to an app for diagnosis. Are compatibility issues just part of the modern way?
It was frustrating to lose an evening in such a manner. I find electronics often suck the joy out of cycling.

What PM’s are you using? It doesn’t sound normal and just because your devices don’t have Bluetooth shouldn’t make any difference as your connecting over ANT+.

It seems some people have loads of issues setting things up like TR & Zwift and others don’t.

No it’s not just you.

I never use Bluetooth now and have always used Ant+ to pair with my PM and turbos. Normally I have a do’h moment and realise that some driver or app isn’t loaded or something isn’t switched on.
Have to agree that the tech support is fab.
Have you searched the forum as others may have resolved problems with the same devices? That said I’m like you and get totally pissed off after spending ages fanning about and it still not ’ just working…’
:grin: Hope you manage to get it resolved

Relief to hear JV.
The bluetooth thing was just about trying to diagnose the problems not for everyday use.
PMs are:
Power2max type S
Verve infocrank

Years of faultless performance paired with a Garmin 800 then more recently 810.

Sad to hear about your problems, as those issues are very frustrating.

I had a similar issue in April 2020. My Ant±connected powermeter (p2m) wouldn`t work with Trainerroad after an android-update.

I used calibration as a “test” in the app;
-Powermeter was connected but not able to calibrate.
-Connected my trainer via Ant+, not able to calibrate.
-Borrowed a second powermeter, and connected via ant+, not able to calibrate.
-Connected powermeter via ant+ to a different training-app, power-readings was ok.
All units was working as expected when connected via ant+ to Garmin head-unit.

TR-support was great at helping me out with troubleshooting, but we never resolved the issue back in April. My conclusion was an problem with Android/ant+ towards Trainerroad-app.

When I began indoor-season in October it was working normally again. I have not registered any changes made by Trainerroad to make it work, so wether they found a software-problem or not I don`t know.

When the problem started I was running TR-app on Android 10, are you running Android aswell?

Yes. Android on Samsung phone that was new in March. Probably called Android apple crumble or something equally daft.

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