Garmin 530 not pairing w Stages powermeter

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Pardon me if this subject has been approached before. I have a fully functioning Garmin 530, and I acquired a left-side crank Stages powermeter. It came w a dead battery, which upon replacement immediately found my phone (I downloaded the Stages app). I connected the phone to the Powermeter, had it calibrated and it worked right away, for both power and cadence. When I went to pair the Garmin, it did find the powermeter but just would not sync. I tried 4-5 times to no avail. I went online, saw youtube videos, the works. Am i doing something wrong? Has anyone had this issue? I’m inclined to return the unit, but something tells me I might be skipping a step, because everything checks.
Please help!

unpair from your phone?

you can also tell the 530 to search for ANT+, assuming your phone only has Bluetooth. Basic outline of how to do that:

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Open up your Stages app and check to make sure firmware is up to date. I think mine’s on 1.6.1.

Also, what number do you get for ADC when you open up the app and tap Zero Reset?

ADC IS 893 and the firmware version is 2.0.86.

I was running a stages previously. I don’t recall ever having to ‘pair’ it with my phone - not in the way you pair a Bluetooth device, like ear buds etc.

The only time i ever connected it to my phone was for an occasional battery/firmware check and the app just finds the stages without needing to pair.

I always connect my sensors via ANT+, so I have no experience connecting with BLE. As mentioned in another reply above, unpairing from your phone (assuming you’ve actually paired it) is a good starting point.

On your Garmin, you can see the stages listed as a sensor, but you just cannot pair? There is no ‘sync’ between Garmin and stages, only pairing. Once this is done its usually very stable.

How about pairing your other sensors, HR, trainer, speed/cadence… Any issues there?

I just set up a Stages with my Garmin 510. The recommendation on the Stages site was a manual configuration. Also setting recording to 1 second intervals cured my dropouts.

They don’t seem to have a 530 page but here is the 520 page:

Thanks guys

Never had issues. It eventually paired, just now. No reason why it wasn’t pairing, took a few tries. Weird cause I have a light, hr monitor and speed sensor, all of which were found and paired immediately. This gave me a bit of a pause; tomorrow I’ll ride during lunch tomorrow and will explore more about its workings. Thanks for responding.

Thanks guys. Apparently I had to link my Stages Power Meter to the Stages App on my new phone and update the software. After doing this, the Edge 530 sync’d it right away.