Garmin hrm dual

Can’t seem to connect anymore. Worked fine until this past Saturday. Works with connect but still not working on TR

As soon as I hit create topic it synced


Intimidation strategy to the rescue! My wife employs the same, and routinely calls me into her office during the day. :laughing:


I have 2 HRM DUAL, both seem to have decided to not connect to my phone or Tablet anymore, they work completely fine with my EDGE 530, but can’t seem to connect to any other device… I’m close to giving up on Garmin Hart reat straps… One I had before also just decided to not connect to my devices anymore from time to time…

After 2 batteries mine quit working and had to buy a new one. It lasted 2 years

Mine connects to my laptop for TR workouts but drops in and out. I switch off Bluetooth on my phone and that seems to focus it onto the PC. Garmin devices are fine it’s just the other Bluetooth stuff

That may be what is going on because I started using my phone for music

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