Painful nose during cold weather

So today this issue played up again being really noticeable and irritating. In this case during coaching mountain biking and a little lap on the road afterwards, I had this ache in my nose. More so on the left side than the right, around the upper half of my nose. It wasn’t really a sharp pain but enough to eventually even start causing a headache as well. Combine this with plenty of mucus production and having to blow my nose constantly. The weather has gotten cold again and I’m very sure it is a big trigger of this issue, but unsure if it is the cause. I did wonder if my glasses were sitting too tight on my nose but seeing as it hasn’t been an issue all summer, and the fact that I didn’t wear my glasses for about half the ride today and it not going away, I doubt it has that much of a role(will keep an eye on this).

I hypothesised some solutions with what I have available at home, these are based on the cold air being a trigger:

  • Petroleum Jelly: Putting a thin layer of petroleum jelly on my nose before going out, the idea being that the cold wind will not be hitting my skin there directly anymore.
  • VapoRub: Similar idea to the petroleum jelly but with some possible extra benefit of the VapoRub itself.
  • Magnesium oil: In my experience, it feels like magnesium oil makes my skin heat up a bit, again, helping with the cold.

Has anyone experienced something similar to this and if so how did you combat this?

Inside or outside of nose? :thinking:

I’d say both, maybe mostly inside. It’s hard to tell.