Pacing strategy using Bestbikesplit

Hi all,

So using my TR derived FTP I am coming up to my year’s A-Race and tried using Bestbikesplit (BBS) to estimate a pacing strategy. I did this same race last year using BBS but only using a speed target (no power meter on the bike then).

Now my question:
BBS estimates both a power and speed for each of the segments, but these often don’t align too well. For example <200W on a flat with 55km/h target speed (I weigh 112kg so 200Watts don’t push me to 55km/h on a flat :-p).

So I can manage to match ONE of the parameters but not both, regardless of my gearing/cadence on this specific segment. Should I prioritise speed in order to best match the estimated time? Or stick to power to manage the NP target set for the ride? Or am I missing something?

Looking forward to learning from the experienced among us.

Fellow BBS user here - stick to power, ignoring speed.


This. Speed is a byproduct of many factors…weather, road conditions, etc. Power is power and not subjective. Stick to the power goals and let speed just be what it is.