Which Power Zone?

Hello all!

I tried looking on the TR site and on these forums but did not see the answer or guides atleast.

Do you guys have a recommendation power zone recommendation based on what distance you are planning to race?

for example if you are doing a half-ironman it is recommend that you focus racing in Tempo and full ironman you focus on Endurance zone while doing a 40km tt we focus on threshold etc etc??


We do not have a specific resource on this, unfortunately, because your optimal pacing is effected by a multiple factors that can be tough to nail down.

For example, a super fit individual might expect to complete a 40K TT in under an hour.
A less fit individual may expect a time closer to 1:30.
These racers would pace differently because their durations on the bike are different, to the %FTP will also need to adjust.

As an example, below is an Ironman pacing table that helps to determine your optimal pacing based on your expected pace.

One great resource that is designed to take the guesswork out of pacing is BestBikeSplit. You can enter your specific course and personal details, and it will help you to determine a fully customized training strategy :+1:. That would be my recommendation for a perfectly paced target race.



Bryce, that’s a helpful chart. Do you have a similar one handy for shorter tris?

Bryce - Thank you very much for providing that and thank you for all the response/advice you give on all the forum platforms.

I guess its more or less a trial or error type of situation - as when I FTP test and train I need to discover what percentage of my FTP factors in to what im competing in (I participate in TT, Tri and cyclecross). Best bike split is awesome advice and it looks like it gives you an idea as to what power you need in order to achieve your desired times!

I’ve used similar charts to this before to help. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/422001427564519812/

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Thank you!

That is exactly what I was looking for to gauge an idea - image posted for others;


Dare you to ride 81 years at AR and see what happens


I am not going to lie - I thought that was comical when I read it at first. I wonder if Dr. Coggan has a sense of humor :rofl:

I see neuromuscular power time range is 5-15 seconds. How does one set power/performance expectations for a 15 second all out effort in relation to FTP or body weight? I heard 10x weight in kg is one target. Any thoughts?

That’s funny because I thought that too until I heard him say several times in video lectures and presentations (almost annoyed) that the chart is descriptive, not prescriptive. Of course, now we all use it to prescribe exercise, so those timeframes are comical.

There’s another one from Hunter Allen (“No Go Zones” or something) that is meant to be prescriptive, so the time frames make sense (and are useful for planning exercise).

Was it this by chance?

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Exactly, so he adds those other timeframes. Even though the purpose of him adding them was to make the point about “No Go Zones” (intensities AND duration, not just intensity ranges as is commonly believed), he effectively gives you some guidance about prescription, instead of just saying: “well, if all we ever did was live life (basal metabolic rate) for 75 years we might call that a zone in and of itself and give it a name.”, which is all the first chart does in the timeframe column.

edit: and of course the software that comes out of Training Peaks (WKO4, etc) is also now prescriptive with levels/zones/intensity ranges, so it’s really a very academic point

Go and see how hard you can ride for durations between 5 and 15 seconds! Not everything has to come from a table and be related back to a percentage of FTP.

Performance, as they say, is the best indicator of ability.


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