Power Required for Desired Outcome (pod ?)

I am training with the specific goal of beating the sun at next years Unbound Gravel 200 event. Is it possible to determine the needed power output, and then use that to calculate my required fitness at that point to achieve this goal?

Or in other words if this number exists I can potentially train for it to become 70% of threshold as my goal.

I feel if I have this numerical goal to work towards it will help gauge my progress as well as motivate me if I’m still lacking. I see that it’s typically 14.5 hrs total race time maximum approximately to achieve this goal. I’m new to TR as well as the data side of cycling, I love the app, the pod and all you guys do! Thanks!

if you use an app like mywindsock (which I prefer, seems to provide better modeling) or best bike split, you can import a route, put in power numbers and it’ll estimate completion time

as an example, I’m looking at this 100 mile ride this sunday and got this based on my power and the weather that is forecast for this weekend

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Second this one, it’s exactly what you’re looking for. The windsock one I’m not familiar with.

I personally find BBS less accurate in my use scenario. In that route model, it said if I did about 217w I would do 20mph, in practice last year I got sub 5 with 227w avg/230np, so I’m using that effort as a basis for modeling. BBS would have me at sub 4:45 (edit: 4:43 at 227w avg) on this effort, where windsock is more in line with my time last year, albeit a few mins better.

additional point: both models are using the same cda 0.34 so I don’t think the differences are down to any of my inputs

Which level of membership do you need to do the route/power planning on My Wind Sock?

I’ve had similar issues with Best Bike Split…it always thinks I should be faster (often significantly) than I end up on my routes.

I just have the free version and it allows you to model rides up to 7 days ahead

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