Pacing data fields

I’m getting ready for my A race this weekend and have myself a time goal in mind. I’ve used Best Bike Split to crunch the numbers and find I should be able to meet my time goal. Which data fields would everyone recommend to help me see that my pace is on track for my goal?

How long is the event?

It is a 35 miles gravel race with 5000ft of climbing. My goal is to stay under 3 hours.

Did bestbikesplit give you power numbers for the individual segments (climbs, flats)? If so, I’d write them down and just look at the power field on your computer.

Isn’t there also a bestbikesplit app?

Just ride high tempo and try to stay with a group if possible.

There’s a few threads where people have made recommendations, but for what it’s worth I use:

3s Power

That works for me for XCM racing (a bit longer than 35mile but same same) where I use distance for nutrition timing and power to control my pacing.

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If you have a Garmin, you could use the Best Bike Split pacing app on Connect IQ